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Raining Dreams now in stores!

Raining Dreams is our latest release. The album has 21 songs and has been officially released on the 22nd of January, 2020. It is available on CDs, DVDs and over the Internet. The album brings in the classic folk and rock style mix associated with Chameleon SV, as well as some modern influences for a slight change.

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Who we are

The beginning of Chameleon SV

Chameleon SV was established in 2008 by James Brimble and Mark Belshaw, in a small town from Wales – Bangor. The band focused on a mix of folk and rock. By 2014, it gained two more members – Anabelle McMahon (featured artist) and Steven Wood. The formula has not changed since the last addition.

What we do

Some of our fans would describe our style as a more aggressive type of folk. Some others would say we play slow and chilled rock. We believe we are somewhere in the middle. Our most recent album also brings in some modern influences.

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European tour

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2020 will bring in a tour. We will introduce our fans to our latest album – Raining Dreams. We will also play some of our most famous songs ever released, from Runaway Birds to Angels in the Sun. Our shows are guaranteed to make your day.










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Both ingredients have been used as food additives for decades and are perfectly safe to the electronic cigarette user. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of using each type of base. Preference varies from user to user it’s dependent upon preference in flavor or personal taste.


Propylene glycol is the more common of the two bases and burns away quickly leaving no residue in the electronic cigarette that needs to be cleaned. Since it all burns away, some users find that it leaves the full flavor contained inside the e-liquid. Those who prefer a water-based e-liquid will also point out that the electronic cigarette is easier to keep clean.


A vegetable glycerin is oil based and will leave a residue, so over time, there is cleaning that will need to be done. However, people who use the oil-based e-liquid claim that the cleaning is easily done. Some users say there is a noticeable taste to vegetable glycerin. Most people consider it to be a sweet taste and enjoy it, but those who like water-based e-liquids will often claim that it interferes with the flavor of the e-liquid.


The only way to know whether you prefer the water or oil base used in an e-liquid is to try them both. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are e-liquids available that contain a mixture of the two bases, and some vapor users find them to be the best. You should first start with a purse water-based and oil-based e-liquid before moving to a combination base. You need to be able to make a comparison yourself.

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