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Raining Dreams now in stores!

Raining Dreams is the latest masterpiece from Chameleon SV. The album was released at the end of January and brings in 21 unique songs that will make your day. It is available in more formats and represents our classic style of rock and folk. However, unlike our previous albums, this one features some modern influences that you may not necessarily be familiar with. The album will be promoted in a European tour during the summertime.

Dead Flowers, out in 2014

Dead Flowers was our first album that took us beyond the British borders. While we had lots of concerts around the UK, this album brought European recognition and brought us our first concerts overseas. It has 19 songs.

Seeds & Pain, out in 2018

Seeds & Pain took Chameleon SV even further. The album has 23 songs and was released in more countries. It was our first album to reach Asia and North America. We gained international recognition and ended up performing these songs all over the world.

Dead Flowers


By Me 2:34
Too Far 4:42
Childhood Dreams 3:04
No One To Trust 1:51
Take Me 3:55
Smelling Pain 3:46
Woman In The Mirror 2:57
Clouds 5:34

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Seeds & Pain


You & I Together 1:51
Call Me Back 3:55
Never Leave Me 3:46
Love Before All 2:57
To The Moon & Back 5:34

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