Chameleon SV

A new style out there

Chameleon SV was the first band in the world to mix folk and rock, but also to bring in influences from other music cultures. For example, our first albums had a few Welsh influences, while our most recent album – Raining Dreams – comes with modern accents and elements. We like to believe we keep reinventing ourselves.

Our top releases

We have released 10 albums over the past decade. Some of them earned international attention and brought us the reputation we wanted.


Dead Flowers



Seeds & Pain


How we got here

A brief introduction

Chameleon SV came on the market as a response to a necessity. The world had already had enough of classic styles. Moreover, when we hit the market, the pop music was dominating, yet it was far from the classic pop we are used to. The music industry was a mess at that time, yet we decided to do something about it.

It was only a game

At first, Chameleon SV was a band of two members. It was a game. A hobby. A passion. A trend. We loved making music and we enjoyed getting to pubs and local arenas to entertain guests and our small fan base.

And then, we became serious

We enjoyed Chameleon SV and our music as a hobby for a couple of years. Things became serious in 2010, when we were literally invited to discuss the terms for a contract with a popular music management group – Kat Music.

We had to make a decision. Should we continue this project as a hobby? Should we become more serious and attempt world recognition? We decided to go further and keep advancing. It was the right time – after a few years of hobby music, we needed something new to keep ourselves motivates. Chameleon SV was also larger when we got the offer – four members. We signed up and the rest is history.

Chameleon SV

Our team members


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